👋 Welcome to your cubemos developer hub

With cubemos, you can:

  • Create your own verification processes within minutes

  • Perform behaviour analytics across online and offline channels

  • Automate AML cross checks

  • Create facial authentication systems

  • Measure behavior using Skeleton Tracking to detect fraud and measure performance

  • Automate onboarding processes with legal document verification

Explore SDKs

Skeleton Tracking SDK

Use this SDK to measure behaviour at the edge.

Explore APIs

Sanction List API

Use this API to perform automated background checks.

Document Verification API

Use this API to verify legal documents.

  • Getting Started (coming soon)

  • Api Reference (coming soon)

  • Try out API (coming soon)

For early access contact meet@cubemos.com.

Facial Authentication API

Use this API for very fast biometrical based authentications, logins and registration processes.

  • Getting Started(coming soon)

  • Do amazing things(coming soon)

  • API Reference(coming soon)

  • Try out API(coming soon)

For early access contact meet@cubemos.com.

Facial Re-Identification API

Use this API to reidentify people. (Even those you haven't seen for decades.).

For early access contact meet@cubemos.com.



How can I get an Skeleton Tracking SDK License key?

Buy one here or contact sales at meet@cubemos.com.

How can I get an API key?

Contact sales at meet@cubemos.com.

Can you help me integrating your services?

Our live-test environment within this documentation offers copy-paste example code. If you need further support to implement our services into your existing environment contact meet@cubemos.com.

How much is it?

For a detailed pricing overview please contact meet@cubemos.com.


We're Here to Help

Contact sales at meet@cubemos.com to get help from our team of in-house experts.

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